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wax seals for envelopes & letter writing sets
Sonya supplier of Wax Seals Australia

Sonya Lakis - Creator

I am a working Mother who has a passion for creativity. Though it's not my full time job, it is my dream job so thank you for visiting my small shop. Sonya is my name, love is where it comes from and I have always been creative one way or another. In an ever changing world where technology drives us further away from the art of writing and receiving something bespoke the idea of Sonya.Love.Creative was born so that you too can gift something bespoke and handmade.

A letter is forever. The joy it brings to re-read a letter is like no other. Letters capture in words details of a moment in time that can ignite all sorts of memories and emotions. They are keep sakes for generations to discover of a time gone by. Hand making paper is a new passion that I dabbled in only last year and caught the bug to keep making! 

Gifting ideas has also been a passion of mine. I am always looking for creative ways to gift wrap presents or decorate a card. I believe it's the small details that makes the biggest impact.

 Join me on the journey of keeping the art of letter writing and creativity alive for many more generations to come and who knows you may find a part of yourself along the way! That’s the beauty of art, it sometimes speak to you. 

Love Sonya xoxo

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