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Can You Use Wax Seals On Letters And Actually Post Them?

Wax seals can indeed be used on letters sent through the postal service!

Group of Wax Seals on Back of Envelopes

Historically, wax seals served as a security measure to ensure the letter's contents remained confidential until delivered to the intended recipient. Today, while the practical need for such security has diminished, the aesthetic and ceremonial value of wax seals persists.


When using wax seals, it's advisable to choose flexible, non-brittle wax to withstand the rigors of modern postal machinery. We use only flexible wax on our seals at SLC. Whilst, brittle wax is appealing and has a very nostalgic look about it, these seals are crushed when trying to post. Flexible wax is not only appealing but also practical in this day and age!

XOXO Hugs and Kisses Wax Seal on Back of Envelope
'XOXO' Wax Seal

Additionally, to avoid extra postage fees or damage to the seal, placing the wax-sealed letter inside a larger envelope can be beneficial. This method preserves the seal's integrity and ensures that the recipient can appreciate the seal upon opening.


It's always a good idea to check with the local postal service for any specific guidelines or additional costs associated with mailing wax-sealed envelopes, especially for international mail, to ensure that these elegant tokens of a bygone era can continue to grace our correspondence in the present day.


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